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I'd recommend this removal company to anyone and everyone. You can't go wrong with a service from Mortlake Movers.

  • J. Logan
  • 20Mar 2018

I will always remain grateful to MortlakeRemovals for their exceptional removal services. The movers eased my move, and I did not spend much after hiring them.

  • Adriana Knight
  • 28Aug 2017

Just wanted to share my experience with Mortlake Moving Company in case anyone was reading comments to research good a removals firm. I was very impressed with their team. They came exactly as scheduled, were well prepared, made sure to answer all of my questions, and were very professional. It was such an easy process, I can't believe I didn't do this before. Well worth the very little amount of money it costs to have this done!

  • Adam S.
  • 26Jul 2017

My international removals service from Mortlake Moving Company was better than I could have hoped for. Even though I was an anxious and stressed mess this company helped me to make sure everything was ready, prepared and moved easily. I don't know what I would have done without this service!

  • Sandra Averly
  • 21Jun 2016

Big thanks to everybody from Mortlake Moving Company for ensuring my belongings arrived safely at my new house. I couldn't have done it all without your help. Thanks again! You were amazing!

  • Carla Lambert
  • 21Dec 2015

When I needed to move my business to our new office block, I took a long time looking through different removal companies before finally settling on Mortlake Movers. Looking back, I'm very pleased with my decision! To begin with, I was worried that moving all of my company's computers would cause a lot of disruption to the business, but everyone assigned to the job worked quickly and carefully. This quality of service meant that all of my staff and I didn't have to waste as much time faffing about and getting settled. Would definitely recommend this service!

  • Arthur D.
  • 03Sep 2015

Thanks to everyone at MortlakeRemovals for being able to work around all those last minute changes and being able to accommodate my requirements, despite the fact they were conveyed to you at the last minute. I want to express my gratitude to everyone, from the phone staff to the team at my house, who worked swiftly and professionally to get the job completed.

  • Zara P.
  • 17Mar 2015

These guys are a great laugh and really cheered me up on moving day! I was moving out of my flat after splitting with my boyfriend and they really made a difference to my day. It may sound cheesy but sometimes all you need is service with a smile and that is certainly what MortlakeRemovals delivered. I don't know their names but whoever they were really deserve a pay rise! Thanks guys!

  • C. Adams
  • 06Jan 2015

I highly recommend MortlakeRemovals if you need professional removal services. This company is one of the best around in terms of price, service, staff and all the rest. Overall, I am so thrilled with the service I was provided with. I could not be happier! Therefore, I strongly recommend this removals company if you want a hassle free move. Plus, even better, you get a free quote when you call them and let them know what you need. To be honest, I was over the moon with them. Couldn't be happier!

  • Anna Parker
  • 17Dec 2014

My flat mate suggested that I get some help with moving my things from our shared student house and I decided to give it a go. I have moved around a lot and mostly done it by myself, but what a difference MortlakeRemovals made! I called them the day before I was due to move out and they arrived bang on time the next day to help me out! Good prices too!

  • Claire H.
  • 04Nov 2014

I have moved house twice in the last two years, which is enough to put me off ever wanting to do so again, but I must say that the removals service I got from MortlakeRemovals on the second job was incredible. In comparison to the first, the removal went extremely easily, with a complete lack of fuss, and no damages either! It may well have been a lot to ask that I would get moved without any issues, but they certainly delivered in this case!

  • J. Thomas
  • 10Sep 2014

You can sometimes find that the staff on a removal can be a bit gruff and not that pleasant to work with, but at MortlakeRemovals the entire team seemed to be lovely! I really did enjoy having people on my removal who were keen to get the job sorted in a friendly way. Their being nice to me and careful for our things did not seem to get in the way of their getting the job done effortlessly either, and with nothing broken, I must say it was a great success! Lovely team, great removal, fantastic.

  • B. Anderson
  • 27Aug 2014